Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are you offering a 50% Scholarship?

The 50% Scholarship is for our pioneer group, of the first 200 registered students. We want to reward you for placing your TRUST in us. For further information, please contact our education consultant at 010-295 6340

2. What are you modes of payment?

We are offering you a scholarship of 50%. We have multiply payment options (Monthly or termly)

3. What is the capacity of a classroom? How many students will there be in each class?

We will take in between 12 to 15 students per class – which means your child will receive personalized attention.

4. Why should I pay RM18,000 a year?

  • We are offering International IGCSE education with added features at an affordable price.
  • A+ Coaches– Our A+ Coaches are carefully selected – the first criteria is they must love children and teach from the heart. They are trained to teach in different methodologies (Experiential Learning/ Learn-Through-Play/ Flipped Classroom). They are trained Cambridge International Diploma for Teacher Learner (CIDTL) and NLP in Academics.
  • We focus on Mastery of Academics, Language, Music, Arts, Sports, Money Mastery, Entrepreneurship and Strength of Character.


The unique programmes we offer are:-


  • Money Tree Financial Literacy
  • SHINE Life Skills & Empowerment and
  • Compulsory Mandarin (All the above is worth RM10,000/year)
  • We provide students an extra hour a day just for “Tutorial Time” (that means no tuition required). Therefore, homework is done during tutorial time. Reading will be encouraged in replacement of homework such that their time will be well utilized.
  • Our academic founder has more than 30 years of education experience and our business advisor/consultant has more than 30 years of experience in running schools.

5. Your fees are so expensive.

  • We are offering a special 50% Scholarship.
  • Our fees are real value for money, because your child will get special programmes such as MONEY TREE and SHINE Life Skills Programme with no extra cost
  • Our teachers are trained in a progressive teaching methodology, that makes learning interesting and engaging for your child. Your child will learn faster, be happy at school, and be able to harness his/her creativity as a student and learner.

6. What is Funky-Munky time?

Your child will engage in creative/fun activities on a daily basis such as (aside from PE lessons):- – Ballet – Speech & Drama – Ball games (basketball, dodgeball, football) – Board games

7. What is IGCSE? What can my child do after he/she has completed IGCSE?

IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. IGCSE is equivalent to SPM or O Levels. You can use IGCSE as an entrance for A Levels, CPU (Canadian Pre U), SAM (South Australian Matriculation), American Degree Transfer Programme (ADP) or any Pre-University requirement.

8. How many major exams will my child sit for?

Your child will sit for one major exam which is the IGCSE in Year 11. Some international schools have Checkpoint-exams in Year 6 and Year 9. At GOTS, we do not offer the Year 6 and Year 9 check-point exams.


Why? We won’t be having the Year 6 and Year 9 check-point exams officially as we can do it internally. It will save you money. The cost can be about RM400 plus a subject for check-point exams.

9. What is the school term like? Are you following International or National school holidays?

We have 2 terms in one year. We are following neither the International nor National school holidays. Please call our GOTS team for information.

10. Why aren’t you following the international school holidays?

Traditional International schools have very long breaks thus leaving parents wondering what to do with their children. Here there are lesser holidays, therefore your child will be occupied in school. We offer many activities in school that will keep your child engaged and learning many things.

11. What about meals?

Nutritional meals will be catered for your children. These meals are charged separately. There will be 2 meals a day, at the 10am break and at the 12.30pm lunch break. You can also choose to pack your own meals for your children.

12. What are the school hours like?

The school hours will be from 8am to 3pm. From 3pm to 4pm, it is tutorial-time, which is basically tuition at no extra cost. (Savings of up to RM1,000 per month). Your child goes home with no homework.

13. Do you provide transportation?

We will provide you with a list of transporters who are reliable and reasonable. You may contact them directly to make arrangements.

14. What type of teachers do you employ?

Our teachers will have above average command of English. We are recruiting teachers who have the passion to teach and who have taught children before, and most importantly they have love for children. We employ teachers who have a Diploma in education or a Degree in the related subject. Our teacher’s experience vary from 2 to 15 years. Our founder has a Masters in NLP and will be training the teachers in NLP for the academics.

15. How will your class be conducted?

Our teaching methodology is different. We use learn-through-play and experiential learning. For example, instead of the teacher, doing all the talking, he/she could only talk for 15 mins and the rest of the time the children will be actively involved in self exploration, and learn through hands-on activities.

16. What about secondary students?

Do you accept secondary students? For now, we only accept students from Pre-Primary to Year 7. Year 8 to 11 will commence accordingly as our Year 7 moves up.

17. When will the assessment test for my child be held (upon paying the RM500 registration fees)?

Do you accept secondary students? For now, we only accept students from Pre-Primary to Year 7. Year 8 to 11 will commence accordingly as our Year 7 moves up.

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