A+ Teachers and Inspiring Life Mentors

  • At GOTS our teachers have been selected for their adaptability, passion, their ability to understand the children’s individuality, team spirit and most of all, to be able to teach in the 21st Century for the 21st Century
  • The teachers are of a quality that’s hard to replicate as all of them have degrees in their various fields, while some are holders of Masters Degrees and PhD.
  • As teachers, they must also have an early childhood education diploma/certification, CIDTL (Cambridge International Diploma for Teacher Learners) and NLP for the Academics certification from ABNLP. Training of these programmes for the teachers is ongoing and this assists in the growth of the teachers as they strive to be better than A+.
  • Individually, they come from varied teaching backgrounds and their experience as teachers places them a cut above the rest.
  • GOTS teachers understand, that to stay ahead of the game, they have to be up to date on current world events, International happenings and global education changes to be able to assist students gain understanding of these through their daily interactions
  • Apart from being academically sound, the GOTS team of teachers are very warm, encouraging, friendly and most of all, happy.



GOTS training methodology:



First six months •  Attend internal training and serve as an assistant teacher. Will be assigned to a class after the six months period.
Subsequent training in the 1st and 2nd year

•  Undergo the Cambridge International Diploma for Teacher Trainer Programme.

•  Undergo MET 1: trained in the IGCSE methodology.

•  Undergo MET 2: trained in different theories of child pedagogy.

3rd year •  Undergo the Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP for Academics)

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